Featuring 22 villas and 8 villaments set on an expansive 3.25 acres land parcel, each villa at Walnut Creek boasts of a large property and individual space. Each 3 bedroom villament is a spacious 283.4 Sq. Mtr. to 297.3 Sq. Mtr.(3050 Sq. Ft. to 3200 Sq. Ft.) and the villas are 320.5 Sq. Mtr. to 478.4 Sq. Mtr.(3450 Sq. Ft. to 5150 Sq. Ft.) for 3 and 4 bedrooms respectively. The villas also have the added benefit of an exclusive garden and private terrace for each villa, whereas upper level villaments enjoy a private terrace and lower level villaments come with a private garden. Residents of Walnut Creek also benefit from a host of amenities including a Star rated clubhouse with squash court, indoor games, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, outdoor barbeque area and a jogging track to name a few. All dwellings also include state-of-the-art home automation.

The project incorporates several thoughtful design elements including sufficient car park space at the entrance and a sizeable garden at the rear of all villas. The interior will have a linear free flowing environment to enable customized interior furniture layouts. The design also ensures complete privacy within each villa.

The entrance into Walnut Creek is both a visual treat and a spatial experience with its organic shaped club and pool overlooking a large expanse of greenery and garden, as well as privacy from the external approach road. All units overlook a large central open landscaped environment. The development has no basement and enables a wide variety of plant and tree growth in the garden spaces.